About Me

Oh hey, I’m Samantha, your average ADHD neuro-spicy creator. I’ve been a photographer for over 15 years, and I finally decided to build my own company on a foundation of body positivity and self-love. I’m welcoming of all genders, and kinks, as well as anybody from first timers to spicy creators or anyone in between. My goal is to create a safe space for everybody to express their beauty and then to open their eyes to it through my lens.

On a more “about me” note, I’m extremely dyslexic, about as random (fun) as my ADHD allows, and I absolutely love being my client’s biggest hype girl. Growing up I was a goth kid in high school, and as an adult I’m still a goth kid minus the high school. I love anything spooky and horror related, and I’m almost always dressed in black. Surprisingly, I’m also a Disney fanatic who fosters puppies and enjoys planning weddings (I’m a certified event planner).

My favourite animal is the platypus. Outside of lying in a pile of puppies or planning my perfect goth Disney wedding, a consistent facet of my personality is my love for helping people to see their beauty through photography, and for being an honest and trustworthy friend.

Why I Do Boudoir

For far too long I was made to feel less-than because of my body shape. My eyes have been opened to how ridiculous that is now, but every day is still a new battle to shut out the voices and to see the reflection in the mirror for how beautiful it truly is. There is no such thing as being too big, small, curvy, slim, or anything else to be considered sexy. You are beautiful exactly how you are, and you deserve to see yourself as such. Let me show you! Book your session today!

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