Oh hey! I’m Samantha, it’s nice to meet you!  Thanks so much for stopping by to get to know me, here’s a few tidbits about myself that kind of sum up who I am and what I’m all about!

I’ve been a photographer for 16 years.
I grew up in Newmarket, Ontario
I’m the ultimate authentic hype person!I moved from Toronto to Edmonton in 2013 to pursue my dreams of having my own photography business. I’m a huge self-love and body positivity advocate, it’s personal to me because I struggle with body dysmorphia myself.
I’m a night owl who’s addicted to coffee.
I love horror movies and everything spooky!
Most people say I’m fairly quiet but really funny once they get to know me.
My name means listener which is perfect, because I’m always willing to lend a nonjudgmental ear to anyone who needs it.
I love to dance! My favourite animal is a platypus.
The most unusual thing you’ll find in my studio is an old rotary phone that my grandma owned. (I had it shipped here after she passed away to remind me of her).
I got married on a Friday the 13th in October.
I was a goth kid in high school.
Did I mention I LOVE photography? Or was that a given? haha!